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[VIDEO] Steampunk Disney Dragon Bursts Into Flames as Stunned Visitors Watch

Visitors to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Fla., were treated to an unexpected show when a float in the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom burst into flames on Friday.

Video footage shows the dragon—a likeness of Maleficent from "Sleeping Beauty"—continuing to bob its head up and down as the flames consumed it. In a surreal scene, parade music blared from speakers as onlookers stared in amazement at the flaming monster.

The steampunk-style dragon normally breathes fire as part of the show, but something malfunctioned and the entire head of the metal beast went up in flames. Perhaps thinking the fire was part of the show, people milled about, seemingly not alarmed by the flames. Most didn't flee the scene and continued to watch until they were ushered away by park staff.

Local firefighters responded to the fire, but it had already been extinguished by the time they arrived.

According to "Disney Dan," the fire was extinguished quickly and cast members confirmed that "everyone is fine."

Despite that news, it appears an ambulance-chasing Orlando law firm is seeking victims:

"I think we have a problem, the dragon's literally on fire," a guest says in the video below.

Tampa resident Taylor Standridge was also at the park Friday when the fire occurred. She wrote on Facebook that the dragon's head was on fire. "It did the fire-breathing thing and out of nowhere," she wrote, "the flame just bursted out of the top [and] kept growing."

Matthew C. Bayer showed a picture of what the dragon looked like after the fire was extinguished:

Other Twitter users shared their pictures of the flaming dragon: