Montage: Liberal Media Figures Bash Trump During Bush Coverage

As Americans commemorate the life of the late president George H.W. Bush, liberal media figures have used Bush 41 to launch into attacks on President Donald Trump. A Grabien montage captures the many attacks.

“But what becomes undeniably obvious with every bio run about Bush 41 is that stark contrast between these two men,” MSNBC co-host Mika Brzezinski begins, launching into attacks on Trump. “Over the last two years, deviancy has continued being defined down by this current president, his cronies, his supporters.”

“Donald Trump is 180 from who George H.W. Bush is,” CNN reporter Jamie Gangel adds. She further suggests that Trump is only delivering a eulogy for Bush because “he feels he has to do it.” (Indeed, Trump had criticized Bush in the past, but comments on the campaign trail do not necessarily invalidate a eulogy.)

Joy Behar, a host of “The View,” claims that Trump is dismantling George H.W. Bush’s legacy. “This president that we have now is trying to unravel everything that he did and Obama did,” she says.

CNN’s Jake Tapper says, “There are a lot of things about George H.W. Bush that maybe people now appreciate that they didn’t appreciate at the time,” because of Trump.

Eugene Robinson, an associate editor at The Washington Post, directly contrasts Trump and Bush 41. “It just gives you a sense of the big character of the man and the contrast with the small character we see today,” Robinson says.

George H.W. Bush did indeed distinguish himself in World War II, in the Cold War, and in leading the first Gulf War, and Trump has not achieved anything like these things. Trump’s presidency is ongoing, however, and he may achieve historic things. It is fair to note that Bush served in World War II while Trump has not served in the military. Bush also had a stronger moral record, especially in family life.

That said, this day and this funeral should be about George H.W. Bush, not Donald Trump. The fact that so many liberal commentators rushed to contrast the two, using Bush to attack Trump, is rather telling.

While the legacy media is gushing about Bush 41 today, NewsBusters’ Rich Noyes rightly pointed out that when George H.W. Bush was in the political field, the media demonized him. Few of those in this immediate montage were prominent enough to attack him then, but a retired Republican is a safe Republican for liberals to praise.

If Bush were still in the White House, these same liberals would still be contrasting Bush and Trump, but praising Trump and slamming Bush.

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