Trump Predicts the New York Times, ABC, NBC 'Will Endorse Me' Because He Gives Them Great Ratings

(AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

In a press conference on Wednesday, President Donald Trump predicted that The New York Times, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, and The Washington Post would all endorse him, because he brings them great ratings.

“I think they’re going to endorse me. I think that ABC, Fox — I like Fox, I really do — CBS, NBC, the Times, Washington Post, they’re all going to endorse me,” the president declared.

“Because if they don’t, they’re going out of business. Can you imagine if you didn’t have me?”

Later, Trump called on a New York Times reporter, lamenting the “fake news.” The reporter insisted that The New York Times is doing well, and the president agreed.

“You’re doing well,” the president responded. “Say, ‘Thank you, Donald Trump.'” The reporters in the audience may not have burst out laughing, but my family did.

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