Dems and Protesters Derail 'Regular Order' in Kavanaugh Hearing, Seeking to Adjourn

Senate Democrats — many of whom seem to be mulling a presidential run in 2020 — interrupted Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, at a hearing for the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh when the senator had barely begun introducing the judge. Protesters also chimed in, yelling and screaming over the Senate committee’s “regular order.”

“Good morning. I welcome everyone to this confirmation hearing on the nomination of…” Grassley began.

“Mr. Chairman,” Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) interrupted.

“Brett Kavanaugh…” Grassley continued.

“Mr. Chairman,” Harris again declared.

“… to serve as associate justice,” Grassley added.

“Mr. Chairman, I’d like to be recognized for a question before we proceed. Mr. Chairman, I’d like to be recognized to ask a question before we proceed. The committee received just last night, less than 15 hours ago…” Harris added, referencing further documents that were disclosed to the committee. More documents regarding Kavanaugh have been revealed than ever before in a Supreme Court hearing.

“Mr. Chairman, regular order,” another senator chimed in.

“… pages of documents that we have not had an opportunity to review or read or analyze,” Harris continued.

“You are out of order. I will proceed,” Grassley said.

“We cannot possibly move forward, Mr. Chairman,” Harris interrupted.

“I extend a very warm welcome to Judge Kavanaugh, to his wife Ashley, their two daughters …” Grassley valiantly attempted to continue.

“Mr. Chairman, I agree with my colleague, Senator Harris. Mr. Chairman, we received …” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (R-Conn.) interrupted.

“… and everyone else joining us today,” Grassley said.

“We believe this hearing …” Blumenthal continued.

“I know this is an exciting day for all of you here and you’re rightly proud …” Grassley added.

“Mr. Chairman, if we cannot be recognized, I move to adjourn. Mr. Chairman, I move to adjourn,”  Blumenthal added.

“… of Judge Kavanaugh…”

“Mr. Chairman, I move to adjourn. Mr. Chairman, we have been denied real access to the documents we need to advise …”

“Mr. Chairman, regular order is called for.”

“… which turns this hearing into a charade and a mockery of our norms and, Mr. Chairman, I therefore move to adjourn this hearing.”

Protesters broke out, “This is a mockery! This is a travesty of justice. Cancel Brett Kavanaugh, adjourn the hearing!”

“We are not in executive session,” Grassley said, noting that the calls to adjourn need not be immediately addressed given the rules of regular order.

“Mr. Chairman, I ask for a roll call vote on my motion to adjourn,” Blumenthal said.

“We are not in executive session,” Grassley reiterated. “We will continue as planned.”

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) also broke in. “Mr. Chairman, may I be recognized, sir? Mr. Chairman, appeal to the chair to recognize myself or one of my colleagues,” Booker said.

“You are out of order,” Grassley responded.

Protesters continued to break out in shouts, as Democrats continued to attempt to derail the proceedings. Grassley later explained that Kavanaugh’s hearing has already involved the release of more documents than ever before in a Supreme Court hearing.

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