Former Trash Truck Driver Comes Clean About Driving Aborted Babies to the Incinerator

On Wednesday, Created Equal Films released the first of many video interviews with former trash truck drivers who admit to transporting the bodies of aborted babies. The truck driver in this video was horrified to take part in the vile tragedy of abortion by helping dispose of the bodies, driving them to the incinerator.

“Um, I picked them babies up at that abortion clinic. I know it was at least twice a week I picked them up,” the truck driver admitted. According to the video, he drove a truck for Stericycle between October 2016 and June 2017.

Stericycle, a multibillion-dollar waste management company that has long done the dirty work of disposing of aborted babies from abortion clinics, has pledged it will no longer traffic in fetal remains. The company has cancelled over 400 contracts with abortion clinics, but eyewitnesses with Created Equal’s Project Weak Link have filmed Stericycle trucks receiving and transporting aborted babies at numerous clinics across the country.

In July of this year, however, the company was fined for violating South Carolina’s infectious waste laws, by picking up cartons of dead babies at gas stations near abortion clinics, rather than transferring the “infectious waste” at a proper transfer facility.

The truck driver admitted to picking up the aborted babies at a gas station nearby an abortion clinic.

“I call when they got protesters out there. I call them up and they say, ‘Well, we’ll send someone over at the gas station and just meet us over there,'” the driver recalled. “I didn’t feel good myself doing it because it’s wide open in the public. I didn’t like a lot of the things they was doing and that was one reason why I exited out the door,” i.e. quit his job.

The driver said he quit “because I didn’t thought that everything they was doing was right, and they wasn’t honest with me from the beginning.”

Perhaps due to the official policy of not transporting fetal remains, and the hidden fact that his position did involve doing exactly that, the driver said there was a high turnover rate for his position.

He recalled that the man who trained him had “been on that company at least 12, 13 years. And I think I was about the seventh guy in two or three years that came and left.”

Then the driver’s story became surreal. “Every time I rolled by that place, I got a chill on the inside, so I just, I didn’t want to deal with them no more,” he said. “Well, you’re talking to a former driver that went up to the lady, the nurse that took it out the freezer. And I dealt with that for eight, nine months.”

The driver described the gruesome handling of aborted babies. “I watched them pull it out the freezer, with gloves on, put it in a red bag, which is the bag they’re supposed to, and I watched them tape the box closed,” he said. “And it smells, so, what’s frozen with blood, and you can see it, and it makes you want to puke?”

“And you turn your head because you don’t want to see her stick it in the box and tape it up,” he continued. “So, what else are you pulling out? It’s a woman’s clinic. A baby.”

Utterly revolted, the driver said he never wanted to look at it. “Me myself, I didn’t want to look at it. Not at all. I believe if I would have looked at it, I just probably would have walked off the job,” he admitted.

Finally, the driver explained where the tiny human remains would end up. “And the label was: INCINERATOR, yellow label. INCINERATOR means it gets burnt up,” he said. “And unload it off the truck and they get fried in that big heater or big oven they had up in their facility.”

“It was my last stop. Put it like that. And that’s one of the stops I dreaded to go to,” the driver concluded.

Created Equal has launched a public awareness campaign against Stericycle. “Unless Stericycle refuses to enable abortion facilities in collecting, transporting, and disposing of fetal remains, as well as the instruments used to kill them and other waste, we will never stop exposing them to the public,” Mark Harrington, president of Created Equal, said in a statement.

“Stericycle needs to dump the abortion cartel altogether by cancelling all contracts with abortion clinics or face continued public exposure and bad publicity,” Harrington declared.

He encouraged pro-life activists to call Stericycle CEO Charles Alutto at (847)607-2004.

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