A Black Bear Strolls Into a Liquor Store...

Sometimes, honey just isn’t enough.

On Monday, a black bear in Bristol, Conn. walked through a parking lot, down a strip mall-style walkway, and into Crazy Bruce’s liquor store, the Hartford Courant‘s Don Stacom reported.

As if to ensure the world that this was not a story out of The Onion or The Babylon Bee — yes, Snopes, The Babylon Bee is a SATIRE site — the Associated Press also picked up the story.

A security video shows the bear meandering toward the liquor store, searching perhaps for the best brand of honey wine — better known as mead. The bear triggered the sensor to automatically open the door.

“We knew right away. One of the guys saw him outside and at first thought it was a big dog, but when he came into the foyer you could see,” Dan Niedzwiecki, assistant store manager at Crazy Bruce’s, told the Courant.

The store temporarily locked the bear out, but a customer wanted to get in. The customer strode through the door and stood in the lobby. An employee let the man in, and the bear did not sneak in behind him. Eventually, the bear, disappointed at the lack of mead in the lobby, scampered off.

According to the Associated Press, the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection was notified.

The Onion would probably explain how the bear represents the average Trump voter. The Babylon Bee would report on the Baptist Convention’s judgment against the alcoholic bear for dragging down American society. Those would be fake news, but this story and the video behind it are both very real.

Watch the video below.