Hannity: Thanks to Trump, CNN Has Been Branded — 'They Will Forever Be Known as Fake News'

CNN will never escape the “fake news” label, thanks to President Donald Trump, Fox News host Sean Hannity declared Friday night.

“Here’s what they haven’t figured out, and I love this part. What they haven’t figured out at CNN, CNN — they have been so branded, they will forever be known as fake news,” Hannity told Mark Levin.

Hannity praised the president for stigmatizing the media outlets “in the back.”

“I think during his rallies, [Trump says] ‘See those people in the back, fake news, fake news,’ and the crowd turns around on their own, not led by Trump, [and jeers] ‘CNN sucks, or fake news,'” the Fox News host said.

Hannity insisted that Trump is “not attacking press freedom,” but only calling out the outlets that are irredeemably biased against him.

“The media have played this game with the American people for decades that they’re objective and/or bipartisan and only reporting the news,” Hannity explained. “He’s shown them to be a pseudoprofession. It’s not a profession at all. And shown them also to be in group think of one mind.”

“In 2007 to 2008 I said journalism in America is dead,” Hannity added. “I didn’t know how right I was at the time.”

While it is right to call out mainstream media’s often absurd anti-Trump bias, that does not justify the president painting with a broad brush and stigmatizing all the “media in the back” as “fake news.” However, those who know the president can assume that he does not intend to include Fox News or other outlets that have not demonstrated a clear bias against him.

Also, while Hannity is right about the media’s bias, it remains to be seen whether CNN will ever recover from its bias. Redemption is possible, even for CNN. Then again, Hannity made some rather good points…

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