Tucker Carlson Demands CNN, MSNBC Apologize 'For the Entire Last Year' on Trump-Russia Collusion

Following the release of a 253-page House Intelligence Committee report finding no evidence of collusion between Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia, Fox News host Tucker Carlson demanded an apology from CNN and MSNBC.

“Here’s the headline. Investigators found no evidence of collusion or coordination of any kind between the Russian government and the Donald Trump for president campaign. None,” Carlson flatly declared on Friday night. “So that’s bad news for the other cable channels. They probably ought to apologize for the entire last year of their programming but obviously don’t hold your breath.”

Indeed, a Media Research Center (MRC) study in January of this year found that ABC, CBS, and NBC spent one-fifth of their 2017 Trump coverage on the Russia investigation. No issue even reached half the time dedicated to Trump-Russia collusion.

While the House Intelligence Committee report might have surprised liberal news channels, Carlson said it did not surprise the conservatives at Fox News. “But to the rest of us, there is really no surprise here because there was never any evidence of collusion. It was always a fantasy,” he declared.

The deep state, however, is anything but a fantasy, as the case of former Deputy Director of National Intelligence James Clapper made so abundantly clear.

Watch the video below.