James Comey's Last Flight on the FBI Jet: 'I Drank Red Wine From a Paper Coffee Cup'

In his interview with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos released Sunday night, former FBI Director James Comey described the day he got fired. Most notably, he recalled drinking a certain beverage from a rather unusual cup as he soared back to Washington, D.C.

“Stunned by the news, Comey heads to the airport,” Stephanopoulos narrated. “It would be his last flight on the FBI jet.”

“So you’re in that private jet, basically alone, and what did you do?” the ABC News host asked.

“I drank red wine from a plastic coffee cup, and just looked at the lights of the country I loved so much as we flew home,” the former FBI director recalled. He explained that his career was “over in a flash.”

Stephanopoulos narrated the FBI director’s situation when he learned that President Trump had fired him. “James Comey was talking to employees at the Los Angeles field office when a breaking news bulletin catches his eye.”

“The room had televisions on the wall and I saw ‘Comey resigns’ on the back screens,” the former FBI director recalled. “It said ‘resigns,’ and then that changed to ‘Comey fired.'”

“And now I’m staring at it, and the audience could see my face change,” he added. “And then I want into a room to find out if I had been fired.”

He said the moment was surreal. He thought, “That’s crazy, how could that be?”

It makes sense that the former FBI director would want a drink, but it seems rather tragic that he had to drink red wine from a plastic coffee cup. As President Trump would say, “Sad!”