Viral Facebook Video of Mall Brawl Spurs Police, Media Investigation in Florida

On Sunday afternoon, a Facebook user in Fort Myers, Fla., posted a video showing a disturbing mall fight between a few women with children.

David Milburn posted the video shortly after the altercation. He said it took place near the Victoria’s Secret in Edison Mall in Fort Myers. He posted the video on Sunday at 6:25 p.m., and it has already been viewed more than 222,000 times.

“These people were wildin out at the Edison Mall in Fort Myers dudes hitting girls girls hitting dudes babies getting hit that was crazy only in Fort Myers,” Milburn posted on Facebook.

The video shows a group of people punching and kicking one another. One woman, pushing a child in a stroller, appears to kick another woman in the head while she was unable to get up.

The video prompted Fort Myers-based WFTX to reach out to mall management to see if there were plans to increase security, WTMJ radio reported. Local police announced that officers responded to the scene and interviewed the alleged victims and filed a simple battery report. The investigation is still underway.

How exactly will the Facebook video play into the police investigation? Will social media catch the perpetrators?