Not The Onion — Fox Sports' Clay Travis: 'I Believe in the First Amendment and Boobs'

See below for update.

Live on CNN, Fox Sports radio host Clay Travis did actually say he believes in “boobs ” — on a show hosted by a woman, no less. This actually happened, it’s not The Onion, The Babylon Bee, or any other satire site. But it is hilarious.

“I believe in only two things completely: the First Amendment and boobs,” Travis said. He actually confessed his full-fledged belief in women’s breasts.

CNN host Brooke Baldwin responded in disbelief. “Did you just say you believe in the First Amendment and …?” She further asked, “I just want to make sure I heard you correctly as a woman anchoring this show. What did you just say, you believe in the first amendment and ‘B-O-O-B-S?’”

Travis repeated his statement. “Boobs, two things that have never let me down in this entire country’s history, the First Amendment and boobs. Those are the only two things I believe in absolutely in the country.”

The Fox Sports radio host went on to talk about ESPN’s declining subscribers, saying that 13 million have left the network. The segment was supposed to be about Jamele Hill, an ESPN commentator who called President Donald Trump a “white supremacist” on Twitter.

But neither Baldwin nor former ESPN editor Keith Reed could move on beyond Travis’ statement about women’s breasts.

“One of the things that Jamele’s had to deal with her entire career … is sexism, blatant sexism, comments about her appearance, comments about her racially, comments about her inability to comment about sports because of her gender,” Reed said.

Travis insisted that his comments were nothing out of the ordinary. “I say it live on the radio all the time because it’s true,” he said, repeating his statement of faith once again.

Reed responded, “I also love women.”

Travis shot back, “You don’t love boobs, too?”

“I am a supporter of women in their careers,” the CNN contributor responded.

Baldwin, understandably, cut the segment short.

UPDATE: Travis later doubled down on his own show — video below. He actually said he loves his own boobs.

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