Mike Lee on CMP Planned Parenthood Videos: 'The Truth Is Out'

U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) took to the floor of the Senate to reveal the latest Planned Parenthood sting video to the American people, despite a mainstream media cover-up. Lee said the videos, released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), reveal truths that everyone already knows but the media wishes to cover up.

“They know, deep down everyone knows. The Center for Medical Progress videos shock, but they don’t surprise,” Lee declared on Thursday. “They don’t teach us anything we don’t already know. All they do is remind us of an inconvenient truth that demands our attention and our action.”

The senator declared that “the video has been ignored by the media elite whose principal interest is the story in the prosecution of the journalists for daring to speak this truth to their power.” But “the American people and their representatives here in the United States Senate deserve to hear what the video shows.”

Lee provided a few salacious quotes from the video. One Planned Parenthood official recounted that “an eyeball just fell down into my lap. Gross.” Lee bitterly added, “Her remark was greeted with laughter from the audience.”

He quoted another Planned Parenthood doctor, who said that “the fetus is a tough little object, so taking it out of the womb is very difficult.”

“The video shows the director of abortion services for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast saying that she sometimes uses forceps to ‘pull off a leg or two’ to ensure an unborn child dies before being born, in other words to avoid the moment when our nation’s laws might protect that child,” Lee added.

The Utah senator concluded with a final quote which revealed “surprising common ground between abortion doctors and pro-life activists.” The quote? “We might actually both agree that there’s violence in here. Let’s just give them all the violence. It’s a person. It’s killing. Let’s just give them all that.”

“That isn’t what they say in public, Mr. President,” Lee quipped. He presented various pro-life policies Congress should adopt, including making the Mexico City Policy permanent and banning abortion after 20 weeks. The senator admitted that “outrage fades with time” and “attention turns, but not for long,” because “the abortion industry and its profiteers are never really beset with scandal. They are a scandal.”

“Little by little, the truth is fighting free like green shoots through the frost,” the senator declared. He looked forward to the day when Americans will “avow once again that all men are created equal, all are entitled to life.”

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"The Center for Medical Progress videos shock, but they don’t surprise. They don’t teach us anything we don’t already know. All they do is remind us of an inconvenient truth that demands our attention and our action."It is certainly spurring the pro-abortion political machine into action. As expected, the Center for Medical Progress is once again the target of criminal and civil investigations designed to intimidate further questions about the abortion industry’s methods and money. But the truth will out, Mr. President."But as we know, threats and intimidation are tactics of guilt and desperation, of the losing side in every battle ever fought. If Planned Parenthood were what they publicly declare themselves to be, they would welcome transparency. We all know why they hide because we know what they hide."The question, as always, is not what they will do but what we will do."And the answer, as always, is 'as much as we can.'"Read more:

Posted by United States Senator Mike Lee on Thursday, June 8, 2017