Clinton Warns of Dystopian Future Without 'Moral' Force of Planned Parenthood

Clinton Warns of Dystopian Future Without 'Moral' Force of Planned Parenthood
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

On Tuesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a rousing speech to Planned Parenthood’s 100th anniversary gala in New York City. Not only did she praise the nation’s largest abortion provider as a “moral” force in America, but she also warned that the U.S. would face a dystopian future if abortion access is restricted.

Clinton declared that “protecting access to the full range of reproductive health care” — read “abortion on demand” — is “an issue of morality.”

She referred to The Handmaid’s Tale, a new Hulu series, to explain why abortion access is important.

“In a Handmaid’s Tale, women’s rights are gradually, slowly stripped away,” Clinton declared. “As one character says, ‘We didn’t look up from our phones until it was too late.’ It is not too late for us. But we have to encourage the millions of men and women who support Planned Parenthood’s mission, to keep fighting.”

Clinton assured her audience that “I’m not suggesting that this future is around the corner,” but the way in which she said, “it’s not too late for us,” implied that the same threats to women’s rights in the Hulu series (a dystopia where women are forced to carry babies for other women in the name of religion) are alive in America today — and that unless Planned Parenthood gets federal funding, the U.S. is headed for a dystopia.

Any comparison between America today and the situation in The Handmaid’s Tale is frankly absurd, and it is terrifying to see Hillary Clinton compare defunding Planned Parenthood (not anything close to outlawing abortion) to this kind of repressive society.

The fear associated with The Handmaid’s Tale shows just how insulated many liberals are in their bubble. Only someone who has never met a Christian or a Republican would think the religious Right wants anything — anything — like the tyranny and misogyny of that show. Nevertheless, Clinton quotes it, to defend the “moral” crusade of Planned Parenthood.

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