'Hamilton' Cast Members Add 'Sisterhood' to 'America the Beautiful'

Sunday night at Super Bowl LI, America saw the New England Patriots make NFL history, coming back from a 25-point deficit to win in the first ever Super Bowl that went to overtime. But the audience also saw something else: the original cast members of the hit Broadway show “Hamilton” added “sisterhood” to “America the Beautiful.”

Many said the change was “beautiful,” and Americans do value inclusivity. It could also be a reference to the song “The Schuyler Sisters” from “Hamilton.” (In fact, the singers who added “sisterhood” to the song sang that song in the musical.) 

But was “America the Beautiful” really sexist to begin with?

Perhaps it is not surprising, in an era when liberals wear “pussyhats” (and worse) for a “Women’s March” which excluded (and victimized) pro-life women, that actresses would transform the word “brotherhood” — which means “unity” in the song — into a divisive sexist term. The song was not making a statement about sex or gender, until these women felt the need to do so. Even historic songs like “America the Beautiful” are fair game for identity politics, it seems.

Or it could just be what it is on its face — a reference to “Hamilton.” But given the fact that the “Hamilton” cast booed Mike Pence when he was vice president-elect, it is quite possible to read this addition as political.

Here’s the video, courtesy of Matt Wilstein.

And a photo, from the New York Daily News‘ Pat Leonard.