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Tucker Carlson: FBI Is 'Actively Sabotaging' Congress

It was recently revealed that the FBI forced the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) to sign a non-disclosure agreement so it could not share information about its Hatch Act investigation of former FBI Director James Comey with Congress.

"The FBI isn't just ignoring Congress -- it's actively sabotaging them and their oversight," Tucker Carlson declared on Fox News Wednesday night.

"As far as I know from my reporting, that has never happened before," Wall Street Journal reporter Kimberley Strassel told Carlson. "Congress was so unhappy about this it sounds as though the OSC will never agree to do so again. But it's absolutely unprecedented. And what it means now is that very vital information that Congress is seeking -- namely, in this case, some of the transcripts of interviews that were done with some of Jim Comey's closest associates -- cannot be turned over to Congress because the FBI is forbidding the Office of Special Counsel from doing so," Strassel explained. "And they have ultimate say, which is an astonishing thing," she added.

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) was one of the members of Congress who was unhappy to find out about the OSC NDAs.

 Grassley wrote to FBI Director Christopher Wray and Acting Special Counsel Tristan Leavitt back in September seeking more information.