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Trevor Noah: 'Roy Moore's Dating Pool Got a Little Bit Bigger' With Tax Reform

On Thursday, The Daily Show's Trevor Noah hit on the Republican efforts to pass tax reform. Naturally, the liberal commentator found a way to bring Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore into the equation. Moore allegedly pursued romantic relationships with teenage girls when he was in his thirties, leading many to attack him as a pedophile. He has denied the allegations.

"The Senate is about to vote on its $1.5 trillion tax cut bill. And although tax cuts sounds exciting to many people, the Republicans are using this as an opportunity to sneak through their policy wish list," Noah noted.

This is true, to some extent. Ironically, the Obama administration opened the door for this kind of activism by arguing that the Obamacare individual mandate was really a tax. The Republican tax bill would effectively repeal that mandate. It would also allow pregnant women to receive benefits for their unborn children, thus introducing a very pro-life provision into tax law.

"Somehow, it grants personhood to fetuses, which means Roy Moore's dating pool got a little bit bigger," the comedian quipped. "A woman is going to look at a pee sicker and be like, 'I'm pregnant!' Ding dong! Roy Moore is at the door."