CBP Tweets Video Tour of Detention Facility to 'Dispel... Misinformation'

(Image: Twitter @CBPArizona Screenshot)

The various agencies tasked with dealing with the crisis at the border have been maligned for months by Democratic members of Congress, celebrities, and a host of other know-nothings.

These agents have been dealt a rotten hand. The asylum system in the United States is so broken that even CNN’s Fareed Zakaria recently admitted that President Trump is right about it. Zakaria also noted that the escalation in asylum seekers began in 2014, long before the Trump era.

Chief Patrol Agent Roy Villareal from the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector says he wants to “dispel a lot of the misinformation that’s out there” regarding the detention facilities. On Wednesday, Villareal posted a video tour of one of the centers. He’s very polite, even near the end when he assures everyone that they aren’t making people drink out of toilets.

He’s a nicer guy than I am.

Here’s the video: