Mayor Pete Confronted by Angry Constituents Over Police Shooting

(Image Credit: YouTube/CBS News)

Mayor Pete Buttigieg may be all the rage in the mainstream media at the moment but things are a little rockier for him back on the home front.

While most of the candidates from the party of coastal elites pretended to be folksy at a fish fry on Friday night, Buttigieg was back in South Bend dealing with some voters who were decidedly unhappy:

The rally was another gathering this week in the wake of Sunday’s shooting of Eric Logan, 54, by Sgt. Ryan O’Neill in the parking lot of the Central High Apartments. While responding to a call for someone breaking into vehicles, O’Neill confronted Logan, who reportedly had a knife. O’Neill shot Logan when he went toward the police officer, officials have said.

“I’m mad because my brother died,” Tyree Bonds, brother of Eric, said in the middle of the loud, intense dialogue. “People are getting tired of you letting your officers do whatever they want to do.”
That was one of the more polite interactions. It was a rough day for the MSM’s Golden Boy:

In the CBS News video below, Democratic strategist Antjuan Seawright continues the pile-on saying, “…home is where you’re judged at,” and that if Buttigieg mishandles this situation he “should not even think about continuing to run for president.

Fortunes can change quickly in a presidential primary, especially in a field as crowded as the one Democrats are dealing with at the moment. There can be little doubt that the media will abandon its devotion to Mayor Pete if he has an ongoing problem with African-American constituents in South Bend.

The optics in the video aren’t good. Buttigieg looks like he’s completely caught off guard even though he traveled home specifically to confront this problem. It may not be long before his opponents start jumping on him for this.