Prayerful Pro-Life Advocates Descend on Philly to Counter Dem's Unhinged Attacks, Highlighting Differences in Activists

(photo: @JasonCalvi)

When self-aggrandizing bully and Pennsylvania state representative Brian Sims decided to harass young girls as part of a publicity stunt he probably didn’t foresee this as the end result:

In just a few days, the pro-life advocacy group Live Action mobilized activists from all over the country to fly to Philadelphia and protest Sims’ egregious behavior.

Sims couches his borderline violent public antics in a false nobility that claims to be fighting for women.

A man who fights for women doesn’t try to sic a mob on the home of a teenage girl.

Just a few speakers into Friday’s rally it was impossible to not notice the marked differences in the ways activists on each side of this issue approach things:

Speaker after speaker not only prayed for the safety of the unborn, but for Sims as well. True, some did call for his resignation, but even Planned Parenthood halfheartedly agreed that his behavior was unacceptable.

The most beautiful aspect of this brouhaha is that the boorish antics of an emotionally stunted pro-abortion idiot were turned into a big fundraising and publicity opportunity for the very people he was trying to harass into silence.

Here is the video of the rally: