Manhattan Workers Stranded 45 Floors High Rescued by Joint Effort of NYPD and FDNY

So much for coasting into the weekend with an easy Friday for these first responders.

Some workers who were 45 stories high were stranded when their scaffold malfunctioned. Rescue workers from both New York’s Police and Fire departments worked brilliantly to get them to safety. Here is a partial description of what went on from the FDNY Facebook page:


We were getting rained on by glass shards before we even got in the building. Members from Ladder 1 and Ladder 10 already had a couple of ropes on the scaffold when we arrived, and I went to the 45th floor with some of the members from Squad 18, while the rest of Squad 18 went above to the 46th floor. We pushed out one corner of the scaffold to get it to go flat against the building, and the members on the floor above lowered more Fire Department rope to secure the scaffold and the workers.

And here is some video of this extraordinary rescue:


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