Michelle Obama—a Mother of Two—High Fives Actress for Not Having Kids

This is going to make for an awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversation.

At a weekend conference called “The United State of Women,” former first lady Michelle Obama waxed on and on about a number of things, including what little girls should be dreaming about.

Before we get to that, it should be noted that Mrs. Obama is continuing the family tradition of being utterly classless former occupants of the White House regarding the people who replaced them. We try to keep things fairly clean here so I will just say that she’s a loathsome human being.

The relevant part as far as this post is concerned starts at about the 23-minute mark and immediately follows a couple of minutes of complaining about President Trump without even having the guts to say his name. She then begins expressing concern over the fact that little girls still dream of weddings. She’s rather crestfallen that young women still reach a point where they feel obligated to get married and have kids (she apparently lives in 1968). When her interviewer — actress Tracee Ellis Ross — proudly responds “Missed it!” to that, Mrs. Obama gives her a high five and says, “Good for you.”

But hey, if liberals want to talk themselves out of procreating…