Perino: Migrant Caravan Almost an 'In-Kind Contribution' for GOP and POTUS

We’ve all hear the rumors of the Democratic “Blue Wave” that is supposed to wash over the United States for the upcoming November midterm elections. The Democrats may not want to start celebrating just yet. President Trump’s poll numbers keep going up and there is now evidence that the presumed Democratic stranglehold on younger voters isn’t as strong anymore. Add to that the president’s foreign policy wins and it certainly doesn’t look like a done deal.

President Trump’s first big issue as a candidate — and still the biggest among his hardcore supporters — was border security. The so-called migrant caravan that recently arrived at the California border probably won’t assuage the concern of voters who prioritize securing the border. In fact, Dana Perino thinks it is tantamount to an “in-kind contribution to the mid-term election for Republicans and president Trump himself.”

She asks a panelist if she’s wrong about that.

Not really