Three Families Find Out Just How Tax Bill Will Affect Them and It's Merry Christmas All Around

The recent passage of the Republican tax bill came after months of what could easily be described as unhinged counter-rhetoric from the Democrats. All of the negative messaging was naturally parroted by the propaganda wing of the DNC in the mainstream media. Despite that, the GOP pulled off a Christmas miracle and managed to behave as a functional political party just long enough to do something that has been needed for decades. Is it perfect? No. It is, however, a step in the right direction this has been sorely needed and never would have happened if a Democrat-who-shall-remain-nameless were occupying the White House right now.

I’m so cynical that I believe the people at CBS weren’t expecting these results when this story got the green light. Kudos to them for running with it anyway. Three families with very different financial circumstances are given good news from an accountant about how the tax overhaul will affect them and it’s wonderful to behold.