SJW 101: Microaggressions are Like Racist Mosquitoes or Something

What better way to communicate with young adults who are emotional toddlers than through a cartoon that doesn’t use too many big words? The people at Fusion Media want you to know that the greatest of all Social Justice Warrior bogeymen–the microaggression–is basically a huge, racist mosquito that is being used to kill the dreams of minorities.

What the cartoon doesn’t explore is the rather arbitrary nature of microaggression. Anything that bothers anyone can be labeled as such, and seemingly has been in the past few years. If, like all SJWs, your primary objective is to be mad at the world then you’re going be more open to letting the world get you mad. Suddenly you’re finding these mosquitoes in the middle of the desert because, darn it, you were determined to find a mosquito.

Anyway, buy a can of OFF!