A Non-Verbal Boy Bonds with His Deaf Foster Dog

Photo: Screenshot

This is one of those stories that is heartwarming even though the circumstances are also heartbreaking. Here is some info from the original article:

When 6-year-old Connor Guillet, who is non-verbal and has a chromosomal disorder that causes extreme physical and mental delay, met foster dog Ellie it was love at first sight.

Ellie, a 3-year-old boxer, is deaf and responds to sing language commands — perfect for Connor who uses sign language to communicate. Connor’s parents, Brandi and Chad Guillet, welcomed the pup into their home through Coastal Boxer Rescue‘s foster care program located in their hometown of Cocoa, Florida, over the holidays.

“They kind of need each other in a way,” Brandi, a 42-year-old full-time mom, tells PEOPLE. “I know Connor looks to Ellie for support and comfort and I believe Ellie goes to him for comfort and support too.

“They’re best friends.”