Bitter Young White People at MTV News Want You to Know White People are Bad

Photo: MTV News Twitter Screenshot

Humorless, bitter and cranky used to be words that described old people who’d led tough or crappy lives.

Really old people.

Today’s millennial social justice warriors, however, come prepackaged with a “Get off my lawn!” bitchiness that can’t possibly end well for them. Look at everyone in this video closely and you’ll see the SJW ugliness inside being manifested on their pinched faces. They’re basically angry nonagenarians with wrinkle-free skin. The sad thing is that you can tell they think this is a humorous project. Sure, comedy is subjective. It’s also funny though. In this video, they’re belching up tired talking points like trained seals in captivity, without any of that blubbery seal cuteness.

I hope the director at least threw each one of them a fish afterward.

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