Trump, Hillary Release Debate Day Ads: Which One Is Better?

This ad takes advantage of a video that I still can’t believe Hilllary’s handlers let anywhere near the Internet. Remember, this off-her-meds moment was what her people wanted released. Trump’s ad is simple and just lets Hillary’s obvious flaws do the talking for it. I happen to think it’s the better of the two, for reasons I will explain on the next page.

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This ad is from Hillary’s Super PAC, Priorities USA, and it’s got slicker production value, which I think is its undoing. The slickness takes some edge off of Trump’s words, despite the BIG, SCARY TEXT stuff. Trump’s ad just lets you see Hillary in all her maniacal glory, which can probably sway a few more people. Hillary’s ad is tired preaching to a choir that was never going to even consider voting for Trump.