Neal McCoy's Anti-NFL Protest Anthem a Digital Hit

Country music signer Neal McCoy performs during a Salute to Service halftime show during an NFL football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Dallas Cowboys, Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017, in Arlington, Texas. The NFL honored military members around the league with their Salute to Service campaign.(AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)

Country singer Neal McCoy, a star with three platinum albums and several top five hits to his name, released a single two weeks ago that expresses some heartfelt sentiments about the flag — and the NFL players who kneel for the anthem.

“Take a Knee…My A**” perfectly expresses the contempt many Americans feel toward NFL players who disrespect the flag.

From Valley Forge to Vietnam
9/11 to Afghanistan
That star-spangled banner does yet wave
I won’t forget I owe a debt of gratitude
I never can repay

Arm and arm and side by side
American heroes fought and died
Is showing some respect too much to ask?
I speak for those whose freedom was not free
And I say, “Take a knee, my ass!”

I’ll stand up for the flag
Take off my hat for Old Glory
Thank God I live in the home of the brave
And the land of the free
I’ll honor the ones who gave it all
So we’re all free to go play ball
If only for their sake
I won’t take a knee
O say can you see?
If only for their sake
I won’t take a knee

Washington Times:

Country music singer Neal McCoy’s newly released single about the NFL is climbing the charts, but you’ll probably never see the song performed at halftime.

Released Nov. 10, “Take a Knee My A**” was ranked first on Amazon’s digital country songs and fourth on the iTunes Top 100 Country Songs Chart as of late Sunday.

Mr. McCoy said the single, written by Dan Roberts, was a natural for him, given that he recites the Pledge of Allegiance every day.

After a friend sent him the song, “I said, ‘Well, it’s exactly what I want to say and what a lot of people have been wanting to say,’ so I just [went] ahead and recorded it,” Mr. McCoytold “Fox & Friends.

As of November 29, the video has been viewed on YouTube more than 660,000 times.

McCoy, a half-Irish-American, half-Filipino balladeer, has touched on something essential about the flag and the anthem that NFL players would do well to hear. For them, freedom is perfectly free — they don’t have to lift a finger to protect it. Others have made the ultimate sacrifice to make sure that they are free to protest whatever they want, whenever they choose.

It is one of the supreme ironies and sad commentaries that those who disrespect the flag are also disrespecting those who fought and died for their absolute right to express themselves freely.