Conservative Media Who Defend Moore Are Depraved

UNITED STATES - OCTOBER 31: Alabama Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore, is questioned by the media in the Capitol on October 31, 2017. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) (CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

Nicolle Wallace on “Morning Joe” asked a question I’ve been asking since I was astonished to see the conservative media leap to the defense of Roy Moore.

“How is it possible that we get to the stage where electing a Democrat is worse than electing a deviant?” asked Wallace.

Indeed, the defense of Moore has gone beyond the surreal and has entered uncharted territory where the normal rules of behavior and politics no longer apply.

The four women in the Washington Post story who were young girls when Roy Moore sought contact with them all gave their names. These are not anonymous hit-and-run allegations. The women are not Democrats. They have never met each other and didn’t even know the others existed. They are not part of a plot to destroy Moore. These are women who, as I write this, are probably receiving death threats, getting threatening and abusive calls, and may even be getting grief at their jobs. If the allegations aren’t true, why in God’s name did they come forward?

At some point, simple logic and common sense must come to the fore and Moore must be seen for what he is — a deviant.

If what Moore says is correct and this is “fake news,” the women are suffering an awful lot just to keep him out of the Senate.

Some choice cuts from the “Morning Joe” segment:

Willie Geist and Donny Deutsch:

GEIST: “Take Joseph and Mary, Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter, they became parents of Jesus.’ That’s not a parody, that’s not The Onion, I’m not making that up. That is an actual quote from a Republican official in the state of Alabama.”
DEUTSCH: “What’s happening to us? We set this backdrop against the Louis C.K. stuff today, all the things we are hearing, what’s happened to us? Where are we going… is there such deviancy that lives in so many men, are we still in a world, as we saw those defenses, that the humanity is sucked out of so many people? My daughter is 14 years old. She’s a little girl. You have to picture it. If you know a 14-year-old, picture that, and now visually picture this 32-year-old slime bag attorney actually coddling up to her. Just play that movie out in your head.”

Geist and Wallace:

GEIST: “So these comments about ‘consider the women, consider the source, the Washington Post.’ It’s repulsive to dismiss a woman’s allegations that way.”
WALLACE: “I don’t know what other word to use other than depraved. I mean, the depravity of anyone defending him, the depravity of anyone circling the wagons and trying to make this a fake news story is appalling. This one isn’t about the media. This is about four women going about their lives in Alabama. The quotes in this story are unbelievable. They say, ‘someone had to take his mask off.’ That was one of the accusers. And to see, in the minutes after this story broke, conservative media spokespeople get on TV and  say the only legal problem he has is the 14-year-old. No, the problem he has is he’s an animal. He’s an animal and Republicans are waiting to see if it’s true.”
GEIST: “And some of them are invoking Jesus Christ as a comparison to excuse his behavior.”