Maria Bartiromo and Tom Perez in Yelling Match: 'You're in a Fictional Wonderland'

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez speaks at the Northam For Governor election night party at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., Tuesday, Nov. 7, 2017. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo got into it with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez about fallout from the Donna Brazile expose. Perez was a little overmatched as Bartiromo bored in on how the Democratic primary process was rigged while the DNC chair insisted Hillary won fair and square.


Things got off to a fairly amicable start, with Bartiromo asking the Democratic National Committee chairman about his party’s sweeping victories in Tuesday’s elections. Things went south when the host started verbally assaulting a tongue-tied Perez over Donna Brazile’srevelations of intra-party scandal.

Bartiromo accused the DNC of fixing the primaries in favor of Hillary Clinton, crying “it was rigged!” as Perez did his best to explain that Clinton still bested Bernie Sanders by four million votes.

“Maria, I understand that when the Democrats win as they did across the board last night that you would like to focus on other things,” Perez shot back, adding that the GOP “got their clocks cleaned last night.”

Then, after Perez touted Obamacare — and Bartiromo said the health care system was imploding — the two went messily back and forth, with Perez attempting to defend the Affordable Care Act and Bartiromo grilling him on whether he has spoken to Sanders since Brazile’s revelations.

“Does somebody owe Bernie Sanders a phone call, since now we know what took place, and everything was rigged, and you were behind Hillary Clinton?” she charged.

“Maria I don’t know if this is a lecture or a Q&A, you tell me,” Perez lamented.

Kind of painful to watch, but it couldn’t happen to a more slippery liar than Perez.