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Remember When Harvey Weinstein and Jennifer Lawrence Presented Bill Clinton With a GLAAD Award?

This award show was chock full of sexual assaulters! Harvey Weinstein and Bill Clinton sharing a stage...

We now know that Weinstein is a serial sexual abuser who targeted actresses like Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino, as well as media personalities like Lauren Sivan. And yet, during this award presentation, Jennifer Lawrence called him a friend and mentor. Clinton also targeted young women, mostly staff members and interns, throughout his career in politics. And yet he gets an award and is somehow called a feminist.

Lawrence did at one point use the phrase "awkward," and it made sense considering the presentation they gave. You can see Weinstein looking her over in a lewd way as the two Hollywood-ites stumble over their lines. Plus, they were presenting Clinton with a GLAAD award. Yes, an award for LGBT equality to the president who signed the Defense of Marriage Act into law and enacted the don't-ask-don't-tell policy in the military. Awkward indeed.

You don't need to look any further than this video to figure out what a double standard the media has. Seriously.