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Ralph Peters: 'Damn the Consequences,' Recognizing Jerusalem Is 'Right Thing to Do'

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.), a frequent critic of President Donald Trump, robustly applauded the president today for his decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Trump announced his decision -- which is already inflaming tensions across the Middle East -- in a statement at the White House on Wednesday.

"Yes, there will be consequences. There may be violence. Just too bad," Peters said on Fox News' America's Newsroom. "Recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel is long overdue." He added that "it is the moral and ethical thing to do and in the long term it may even have good strategic consequences."

Peters pointed out that the United States has pandered to the Palestinians for decades, "always hoping that somehow peace will break out," only to have attempts at creating "reasonable peace" between Israel and Palestine be rejected again and again.

"It's about time we call their bluff," Peters said. "By God, this is one Trump policy I fully support."

As for the consequences, Peters said, "... we don't know. We've been propagandized on this where if we do anything to help Israel, anything to honor Israel, anything to support Israel, the Arab world will turn on us."