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Is President Trump the Snowflake-in-Chief?

President Trump has been bemoaning the harsh way he's portrayed by comedians, especially the late-night hosts. HLN wanted a comedian's opinion, but they could only get Dean Obeidallah (see what I did there...?). The former Comedy Central humorist, who now has his own show on SiriusXM, has run afoul of the controversy line before.

He said that "this is how it works" -- namely, that comedians make fun of almost every public figure. He continued, "But poor Donald Trump, the orange snowflake, can't take it! You have to have thicker skin." And he also chided, "There's no affirmative action in comedy." This all comes after the White House asked ESPN to fire a commentator for mean tweets about the president.

Is Obeidallah onto something? Is Trump too think skinned? Is he the snowflake-in-chief?