Lindsey Graham Jabs President Trump for Using Twitter Too Much

In a Senate meeting with social media icons, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) both praised and slammed Twitter. He said that the online tool has “enriched America,” that we and “have more information available to us, […] can share aspects of our lives to those who mean the most to us, [and] can talk among ourselves in 140 characters.” But he then said, “The technology can also put our nation at risk. The platforms I just described, that add value to individual American lives and to our country, also can be used by terrorists to recruit in the cyber world, get people to their cause, can be used by foreign governments.”

Graham also took a jab at President Trump, saying that “some people should probably do less of it [Twitter].” Trump has been criticized by people on both sides of the aisle for his constant use of the social media platform. Many allege that it is un-presidential and that his off-the-cuff comments could be dangerous. Trump himself has said that he won’t stop, because he believes his use of Twitter is what propelled him to win the election in the first place.