Driver Plows Into a Crowd of Immigrant Protesters in California

It’s hard to tell who escalated this situation on Thursday first. An SEIU labor union group was protesting on behalf of temporary-status immigrants, trying to sway Republican members of Congress to protect their ability to stay and work in the U.S. After not being allowed to conduct their protest inside Congressman Ed Royce’s (R-CA) Brea district office, these activists stormed the public intersection outside (whether they had a permit is unclear).

A driver, now identified only as a 56-year-old man, became irate that traffic was being held up, and he started vociferously honking his horn. As he did this, the labor union protesters surrounded his car and some appear to have started throwing things at him. At that point, his motive may have been to get himself out of a hostile situation where his car was being surrounded, or it may have been to maliciously hurt people, but, regardless, he drove straight into the crowd. Luckily nobody was hurt badly, but the driver was still arrested by the Brea Police Department on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Self preservation or assault with a deadly weapon…?