A Belligerent Dem Congressman Went Off on Tucker Carlson, Said Trump Has 'Committed High Crimes and Misdemenors'

Amidst Democrat leaders denying any knowledge of the DNC’s collusion with Russia to obtain a (now largely discredited) dossier of information hostile to Donald Trump, one Democrat was still willing to throw the first stone. Fox News’ Tucker Carlson began this segment by saying, “We put a lot of calls out today, and very few Democratic lawmakers were interested in talking about this at all. The rare exception was Brad Sherman of California…”

Rep. Sherman (D-CA) made headlines earlier this year by announcing that he was starting impeachment proceedings against President Trump. But he seemed to try to avoid his anti-Trump messaging, and only when he was whittled down by Carlson did he even speak up about these topics. He really wanted to address Republicans’ tax proposals, hinting that Democrats would be opposed to cutting taxes for American families. But Sherman said something even more radical.

Sherman yelled, “You have got no defense for [against?] Trump’s impeachment. The man has committed high crimes and misdemeanors, and your only defense is, well, Hillary did too. You can’t impeach a private citizen and say that is a reason not to impeach a president.” Tucker Carlson’s only reply was, “I think you have jumped off the rails.”