The Media Really Wants Jeff Flake to Work on Impeaching Trump

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) made a remarkable speech this week, in which he outlined an ideologically conservative basis for disliking President Trump. He was not a never-Trumper, but he saw some real problems emanating from the Trump administration and he spoke out. He also announced that he would be retiring from his position. This is how people voice their differences of opinions in a civil society, a separated-but-equal government, and a pluralistic political party. But Flake’s brave remarks weren’t enough for the mainstream media; he has to find a way to side with the most liberal Democrats to win them over…

On almost every news program he went on to discuss his philosophical address he was asked whether he would be up for impeaching Trump. He repeated the same sentiment — “I think that we ought to simply require more of our commander-in-chief and our leader,” but “high crimes and misdemeanors, I don’t think that that applies.” In other words he wants his speech to be a wake-up call for conservatives, and to embolden the president to make wiser decisions — but he doesn’t think anything is impeachable. The media proves that they seek punishment over discussion, and removal from office over civility.