CNN Now Trying to Advertise That They Aren't Fake News

In this ironically Ayn Rand-ian advertisement, CNN is trying to tell you that an apple is an apple, regardless of how many times someone tells you it’s a banana. They claim that their facts are always objectively true, and that as a news network they put “facts first.” They are, of course, responding to President Trump’s continued allegations that they are “fake news,” and that they propagate false narratives.

But if you want to claim to be “facts first,” how about you hire less commentators, and more journalists? Maybe you wouldn’t get the “fake news” moniker if you didn’t have Don Lemon, Brian Stelter, or Jim Acosta clouding your airways with liberal talking points parading as “facts.” Maybe you wouldn’t be criticized if the updates you sent to all of your CNN app-holders weren’t “‘King of Debt’ makes GOP fret,” “Trump reacts and a crisis is born,” and “Trump comment called insensitive” (and those are just from the last few days).

You can’t be a commentary site, like ours, and refer to yourselves as a pure news platform. Those two are mutually exclusive. So, CNN, why don’t you start by getting your facts straight…