Rep. Kinzinger Says It's 'Sickening' That Fallen Soldiers Have Become Politicized

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), a combat veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, is “sickened” by the idea that fallen service-members, and the calls the President makes to their families, have become politicized. He echoed what Gen. John Kelly said, that President Trump seems to have conducted himself appropriately with the family of La David Johnson– saying he “knew the risk and still took the risk, and still defended his country; that would be the highest compliment a president could pay.”

But Kinzinger also slammed the Congresswoman, Frederica Wilson (D-FL), who made all of this public in the first place, who “decided to make it political.” He remarked, “When Congresswoman Wilson said I must be a rock star now because the President knows who I am, or General Kelly says ‘an empty barrel,’ and she says that sounds racist; this is the same person in my class, in 2010, who came in and was told she couldn’t wear hats on the floor of the House of Representatives and she said that was sexist. Everything is not an ‘-ist.'”

Kinzinger summarized the events of this so-called scandal, and stated definitively that he did not think Trump did anything wrong– “The reality is, this amazing Green Beret made a decision to put his life on the line to defend his country. He did that. The President called the family to express condolences.” He continued, “If you defend and give your live for the country, it doesn’t matter if you are Left or Right, there is no political gain either way with this.”