When Trump's Tax Plan Is Called Bernie Sanders' Plan, College Students Suddenly Support It

“It’s definitely better than whatever Trump is proposing.” “Good job Bernie.” “A positive plan that can help everyone.” These are just a few of the things that college students at George Washington University said about Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I/D-VT) tax plan. But there’s a catch — CampusReform was misleading them. They were saying it was Bernie’s tax proposal when it was actually President Trump’s. When confronted with the fact that they had just agreed point by point with a Trump policy, they were aghast. But some of them did have the wherewithal to admit that they were biased against anything that Trump proposes and were likely all getting their news from left-wing sources.

Maybe this will help these students base their opinions on facts, rather than on ad hominem biases. In the meantime, it turns out that what’s in a name determines the way millennials vote.