San Juan Mayor: Whoever Deletes Trump's Twitter Account Should Get a Nobel Prize

Amidst growing criticism that officials in Puerto Rico are giving money and rations to their cronies, as opposed to the people who need them, the mayor of San Juan decided that the most pressing issue for her was to continue to disparage President Trump. Carmen Yulín Cruz responded to Trump tweeting that the government couldn’t fund the relief efforts there indefinitely by arguing, “The president uses Twitter, sort of, to disperse hate.” She went so far as to say that anyone who could get Trump’s Twitter account shut down is worthy of a Nobel Prize.

As the work to mend her storm-ravaged city is ongoing, we wonder if this was actually the most important issue for her to tackle. Trump’s Twitter? Or is it possible that she got her 15 minutes of fame by attacking the president, and she doesn’t want the media’s gravy train to end yet?

She’s definitely pulled some stunts. Click this link: