A Reminder That Joe Biden Is Pretty Handsy Himself

In the midst of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, many in the media are condemning others in Hollywood, Washington, and all over the country who have acted inappropriately towards women. One of their biggest targets has been President Trump. Somehow, a Democrat donor who allegedly raped women led them to point fingers at Trump for his past womanizing comments. Jimmy Kimmel was probably the biggest finger pointer.

But what about former Vice President Joe Biden? It’s probably the most open secret in Washington that he was handsy. Grabbing cabinet secretaries’ wives, placing his hands near these women’s breasts, touching their faces…. Pretty gross!

So why no finger pointing at Biden? Could it be because he has a “D” after his name? Could that be why the New York Times and NBC News killed earlier stories about Weinstein too? Democrats get a free pass…

Here’s a Washington Free Beacon montage of all the most cringeworthy Biden moments: