NRA Exec. Director: Bans Never Work for Anything

The executive director of the National Rifle Association, Chris Cox, joined Fox News Sunday to defend constitutional rights and help identify the intellectual argument behind the gun lobby. After the Las Vegas mass shooting, liberals and moderates alike have called for increased gun control, banning certain weaponry or certain tools, or a full-out confiscation of firearms. The NRA has actually, albeit very minimally, acquiesced to the Left-wing demands.

After they seemed to suggest some wiggle room when it comes to certain gun tech, Fox News’ Chris Wallace asked, “Would you be okay with banning bump stocks?” Cox responded, “Well, we don’t believe that bans have ever worked on anything. What we’ve said has been very clear, that if something transfers a semiautomatic to function like a fully automatic, then it ought to be regulated differently. Fully automatics are regulated differently in this country. If something copies a semiautomatic into a fully automatic, then those should be regulated as well.”

He has a point — when alcohol prohibition was in effect, people still got drunk. Even with a full-on war on drugs, people can still acquire heroin and cocaine. Do bans ever work?

Cox also chided liberals, like Hillary Clinton, for hypocrisy. He said, “She [Clinton] will never spend a moment, a breath, without armed security surrounding her for the rest of her life. She will never dial 911, she’ll never live in a high-crime area. But her life is no more valuable than a single mom living in Chicago, working the late shift, who wants to own a gun and carry it to defend herself.”

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