San Juan Mayor Turned Her Back When Asked to Swear an Oath to the U.S. Constitution

San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz has been feuding with President Trump, who she says hasn’t done enough to aid the people of her island who are suffering after two devastating hurricanes. The Trump administration says they’ve been doing everything possible, noting that tons (literally) of federal aid has actually been sent their way. Trump rebutted her by musing that the people of Puerto Rico want everything done for them as opposed to picking themselves up by their bootstraps. Like many of Trump’s comments, this set off even more of a firestorm.

But, it turns out, Yulín Cruz was fairly biased to begin with. She wore a shirt with the word “Nasty” on it, alluding to Trump’s reference to “nasty women,” while appearing on Univision television. And in 2013, when she was taking her oath of office, she was asked to swear to uphold the U.S. Constitution, and she turned her back on the proceedings. She eventually did take the full oath, but you could tell she wasn’t happy with that line. She literally turned her back on the U.S. Constitution…