CNN's Cuomo Blasts Kellyanne Conway for Calling the Vegas Gunman a 'Madman'...?!?

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has battled with everyone who doesn’t want the tragedy in Las Vegas to become solely about gun control. His latest target was Kellyanne Conway. After she implored him to “show some respect for these people,” he kept going with his political rhetoric.

He yelled, “So you want to be sensitive and respectful but you don’t want to be talking about how they died?” She tried to get a word in edgewise, saying, “Yes I do want to talk about how they died.” After another interruption, she continued. “Here’s how they died: innocent people enjoying themselves at a concert, in the greatest country on Earth, where we are free to come and go… were victim to a madman, who perpetrated a pure act of evil.” Believe it or not, Cuomo took issue with this statement. He claimed, “We don’t know that he was a madman. He could have just been really evil.” A distinction without a difference…?

Whether or not he had a mental illness, it’s still probably fair to describe someone who shot hundreds of people as a “madman.”