Joe Scarborough Is Enraged That Gun Manufacturers Make Money

MSNBC’s Morning Joe had a CNBC reporter on the program to discuss how gun sales often increase after mass shootings. People fear the increased talk of gun control after these shooting incidents, and they run out to purchase firearms while they can. One could argue that MSNBC and their counterparts do more to create these runs on gun sales than the gun companies do, because they’re the ones making people fear that their constitutional rights are about to be taken away. But MSNBC would never admit this part.

Instead, the focus of this piece became a man named Stephen Feinberg, who owns a conglomerate of gun manufacturers. Joe Scarborough became enraged as he learned that his profits sometimes go up. He yelled:

So when children get slaughtered in Sandy Hook, stock prices go up and […] Stephen Feinberg gets richer. When people get slaughtered going to a country music concert, then what you’re telling me is that he and his company get richer? […] Stephen Feinberg gets richer every time Americans are slaughtered by these weapons, that he makes money off of.

What does Scarborough think Feinberg does? Run advertisements every time there’s a shooting? Again, he’s not responsible for the increased sales after an attack, the media and the politicians are. But if something is sold more, then, yes, profits will increase. Apparently this basic economic concept angers Scarborough.

And this seems to be the only product Americans don’t want to be made in the United States. What about those factory jobs? Let’s vilify anyone involved in the manufacture or sales of firearms — hard-working Americans!