Indiana Labor Union Leader: 'Trump Lied His Ass Off' About Saving Industrial Jobs

An Indiana steel workers labor union leader, Chuck Jones, has feuded with President Trump before. He claims that “Trump lied his ass off” about saving their industrial jobs. Ever since Trump and Vice President Pence appeared at the Carrier Corporation, Jones has been arguing that their policies have actually meant hundreds of jobs leaving their state and their factories, rather than being saved. And yesterday, as Trump was in Indianapolis to promote the Republican tax plan, Jones delved back into protesting. Unsure of its full effects, he said this tax plan will probably be “devastating on the people that need it the most.”

But is it possible that this is less about jobs being saved and tax rates, and more about the inherent bias of labor unions? Maybe Trump is saving jobs, but they’re not the labor union jobs — especially because Indiana is a right-to-work state. Maybe lowering taxes for hard-working Americans would actually be a good thing for the people Jones claims to serve?