Huckabee Sanders Insists Trump's NFL Battle Should Be a 'Unifying Moment'

President Trump’s press secretaries have feuded with press corps member April Ryan before, and it just happened again, this time over the NFL kneelers. Ryan declared, “It’s now the NFL against the president.” She feels as though this constitutes a racial divide, and didn’t budge an inch on whether this was anything disrespectful to the flag.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders retorted that “we should look at the thousands of Americans who have given their lives to protect that flag and that anthem.” The debate definitely didn’t stay focused on the race issues Ryan highlighted; it became a debate over honoring the military and demonstrating patriotism. Eventually, Huckabee Sanders got the last word: This “isn’t an us versus them. This should be something that brings our country together. These are symbols of what our country stands for.”