Former Press Secretary Josh Earnest Claims Obama Was 'Most Transparent President in History'

Late-night comedian Seth Meyers has proven himself to be pretty liberally biased in the past, so when he claims that Barack Obama’s promise “to have the most transparent administration ever […] was his wall,” you know how ridiculously untransparent Obama’s presidency actually was. In other words, Meyers thinks President Trump made an empty promise when he said he would build a Mexican border wall, and he thinks Obama made an empty promise when he said he’d be super transparent.

Josh Earnest, Obama’s last press secretary, argued against Meyer’s assumption. He said that “the truth is, President Obama was, in fact, the most transparent president in history.” He hemmed and hawed as the comedy host said that “there’s been multiple studies that said, as far as Freedom of Information requests, they were fulfilled less under President Obama than they had been previous administrations.” And Meyers didn’t even bring up the Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting, DNC, or Loretta Lynch scandals! The best response Earnest could come up with was that “there are different ways to evaluate what we’re saying under transparencies…”