'The View' Wrongly Claims People Can't Be Fired for Expressing Free Speech

The Bill of Rights guarantees that our God-given rights cannot be violated by the government. It is not a liberal document, protecting us against “greedy” businessmen and one-percenters; it is a conservative document protecting us against an overreaching big government. You cannot be jailed for saying you dislike something the president does, you cannot face an unwarranted search by government police officers, and the government cannot take your means of self-defense away. A private company, however, can do these things. If you store your stuff in a company locker, for instance, the owners can open your locker at any time. They don’t need a warrant. Starbucks can ask that you not bring your firearms into their stores, even if you have a concealed carry permit. And, contrary to what the ladies on The View say, a private organization can fire you for what you say. Otherwise, CNN couldn’t fire Kathy Griffin for holding up a severed Donald Trump head, and ESPN couldn’t fire Curt Schilling for his incendiary tweets. Contract law aside, the NFL owners could absolutely fire players for not standing up during the National Anthem. But they cannot be jailed for taking a knee. That’s what Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin (a lawyer) don’t understand.

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